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Approaching retirement and frustrated with her job, Siobhan Daniels made a BIG decision, over five years ago: to start living life on her own terms. Rather than hiding from life’s challenges, she bought a motorhome and drove off to find them.

Retirement Rebel is Siobhan’s honest and uplifting story of how one woman stepped off the merry-ago-round of life, slowed down and started enjoying the journey. Of how she sold up, packed up and hit the roads of the UK with no real plan, embarking on a positive-ageing adventure and hoping to inspire women across the country with her message that retirement could actually be the start of life’s adventures. With no shortage of mishaps and hardships along the way – not least being commanded to ‘stay at home’ during the Covid lockdowns, despite always being at home wherever she was – Siobhan’s story can inspire us all. Her message is that we can make simple lifestyle changes to feel happier and more fulfilled. Because at the end of the day, age shouldn’t be a barrier to having an adventure.

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Introducing my personalized merch collection! If you're all about defying age stereotypes and living life to the fullest, these pieces are perfect for you. They're incredibly cozy, comfy, and oh-so-flattering. And let's not forget the exquisite embroidered 'Retirement Rebel' logo that adds a touch of rebellion to your style. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect fit for your rebellious spirit. So, click the links to scroll through the photos and join me in embracing the freedom of the open road with this awesome merch collection!

I’ve been travelling for over four and a half years now - catch up on my adventures below in my blog instalments…..highs, lows, pandemics and horse poo!

Siobhan (64) retired from the BBC over four and a half years ago, after a 30 year career working as a Reporter, Presenter and Producer in local News. During that time she overcame many challenges including working full time as a single mother. At nearly fifty, when her daughter had gone off to University, Siobhan took a gap year from work and backpacked solo around the world. This remarkable trip changed her forever, and she began to develop her plan to one day travel the UK, the idea of the motorhome came later! By her mid-fifties she felt burnt out, whilst battling with menopause symptoms, she was also facing ageism and bullying at work. Siobhan knew she needed to find her escape plan.



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