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Age is Just a Number: Sarah Thornely's SUPer-Charged Victory

Hello, listeners, it’s Siobhan Daniels here, your host on the "Retirement Rebel" Podcast. In today’s episode, we dived into some deeply enriching and empowering subjects, all centred around embracing the beauty of ageing. 

Firstly, we explored the positive aspects of getting older. Beyond the number, ageing can be a release into freedom and honesty, as I've learned and as our magnificent guest Sarah Thornely echoed. It’s about living your life with a full, vibrant heart, and I must say, talking with Sarah only reinforced my belief that our 60s and beyond can be our most daring, fulfilling years yet.

Sarah and I also brought to the table our experiences with travelling and the new adventures we’ve embarked upon in our wiser years. We compared notes on how we’ve both sought out journeys, opportunities, and yes, a bit of delightful mischief that our younger selves might have shied away from. Adventure doesn’t retire, and neither do we!

Lastly, we discussed the concept of being a ‘retirement rebel’. I asked Sarah about her own rebellious streak, which, quite frankly, is as inspiring as it gets! We’re aligned in the belief that women, especially as we age, can and should break barriers, pursue passions, and fly in the face of what's expected. We find ourselves amidst a cultural shift where being rebellious isn't just for the young; it's a spirit that fuels our zest for life at any age.

As we navigated through these themes in our introduction, my intention was to lay the groundwork for a thoughtful, provocative discussion. I wanted us to look at life beyond the expectations placed upon us by society and to find joy, create experiences, and truly live without the confines of our age as a limiting factor. Sarah’s spirit and her experiences are the epitome of what this podcast stands for, and I’m thrilled to think of the waves of inspiration that will stem from this conversation. 

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Key Points:

04:15 Rediscovering passions and enjoying life after motherhood.

06:26 Left secure life, rediscovered self through affair.

09:59 Finding courage through travel, inspiring others. Hormonal changes.

14:31 Friend's tuition led to unexpected age prize.

18:28 Efficiency of awarding medals; personal championship success.

22:05 Don't worry about birthdays, keep improving.

24:48 Interviews led to live feed opportunity and confusion.

27:15 Overcome fear, challenge stereotypes, believe in yourself.

29:53 Ex-nurse adopts confident role, feels intimidated.

34:51 Embracing age, feeling young at heart.

37:35 Life is short, but limitations may vary.

39:52 Embracing emotions and freedom in older age.

42:42 Rebellious phase in younger years, exploring freedom.

46:03 Connect through social media and email, spread the word to friends.

Guest Info

Sarah Thornely is a prominent figure in the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), known for her contributions to SUP media and coverage of racing events. Since 2018, Sarah has been actively involved in writing for Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and The Paddler, focusing on SUP racing, adventure paddling, and conducting interviews with renowned paddlers worldwide. Her work at SUPjunkie has been well-received by readers, particularly the SUPjunkie Reporting in SUPM segment, which provides monthly highlights of the GBSUP National Series

Sarah Thornely's passion for SUP led her to establish SUPJunkie, where she covers both UK and international races through live feeds and reporting. Her dedication to the sport and commitment to sharing the excitement of SUP racing events have made her a respected figure in the SUP community.

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The Evolution of Self in Marriage: "Looking back on it I feel I morphed into his world rather than me keep my identity."

Aging Gracefully: "It's always getting better, so why should I be worried about getting older?"

Embracing Freedom Post-Divorce: "I just did everything probably that I had never done in my teenage years... I smoked, I drank, I did everything possible. Very quickly realised that none of that was for me, I guess I wasn't doing it on purpose, I just did it because it's like freedom. I suddenly had this freedom."

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