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Finding Solace on the Water: A Tale of Paddleboarding and Positivity with Jo Moseley

Hello, my rebellious friends! I'm Siobhan Daniels, your guide and ally on this exhilarating journey we call "Retirement Rebel". In today’s episode, we're welcoming the incredible Jo Moseley, who, like many of us, has found her stride and voice in an age where society has often told us to slow down.

Our introduction paved the way for three key subjects that both Jo and I hold close to our hearts. 

Firstly, we're addressing the transformative power of adversity. Life threw Jo more curveballs than most—a divorce, the responsibility of being a single mum, and the heartache of losing her parents. It’s in the throes of these struggles that she discovered the cathartic joy of paddleboarding, which didn't just offer her solace but became a cornerstone of her life story. We discuss how diving into such passions can act as a conduit for personal renaissance, something Jo demonstrates so beautifully.

The second subject that both of us believe is essential is the rejection of society’s rather dated and, frankly, inaccurate perceptions of ageing. We refuse to accept that our latter years are just about decline. Jo speaks candidly about her adventures, her filmmaker and author pursuits, and even taking up skateboarding, approaching 60! She embodies the message that turning sixty is not the end of excitement but rather the start of new, daring chapters in our book of life. We both passionately advocate for a mindset where age is not a barrier but a badge of courage.

And thirdly, we delve into the importance of support and community. Jo and I, through our own channels, aim to repay the kindness and help we've received over our journeys. Our shared ethos is to provide a platform for voices like ours to be heard—voices that have often been marginalised or silenced by misconceptions about what ageing women are capable of. We're here to not only challenge those ideas but to create a space where people, regardless of their age, can come together, learn from one another, and embrace the rebels within.

Together, Jo and I aim to inspire, encourage, and sometimes gently nudge our listeners towards embracing their inner rebel and living life to its absolute fullest. So, buckle up, my friends. This episode is all about breaking moulds and celebrating the sheer, unadulterated joy of being alive at any age.

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Key Points:

04:29 Riding a million meters, grief, reinvention.

07:46 Elderly need vibrant and practical products.

12:29 Defying age limits, inspiring women to succeed.

16:19 Encouraging women to try new activities. Leadership.

19:14 Short, precious life. Pursue dreams and skateboard goals.

22:41 Finding joy and calm in everyday moments.

24:13 Encourages others and pays back kindness received.

29:48 Celebrating life, wisdom, and natural ageing gracefully.

31:06 Ageism perpetuates negative attitudes towards growing older.

34:16 Intergenerational dialogue to bridge understanding gaps.

39:10 Unexpected encounter while leaving a skateboard shop at Christmas.

41:23 Joy and inspiration at 60.

Guest Info

Jo Moseley is a dynamic bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, engaging speaker, podcaster, and creative freelancer. Celebrated for her insights into aging gracefully, adventure, solo travel, and making meaningful changes, Jo's work radiates positivity and empowerment. Her debut bestselling book, "Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain," has inspired countless individuals to explore the UK's waters.

Beyond writing, Jo crafts authentic, impactful campaigns for clients like Inghams Walking and Lovat Parks, sharing their stories with creativity and passion. Her speaking engagements span from adventure festivals to the Royal Geographic Society, captivating audiences with her stories of courage and fresh starts.

Jo's filmmaking prowess is showcased in her award-winning films "Found at Sea" and "Finding Joy," highlighting the joy and wellness the outdoors brings. Her story is further celebrated in "Brave Enough - A Journey Home to Joy," a film by Frit Tam.

Committed to philanthropy, Jo has embarked on various challenges, including a 162-mile paddle boarding journey for charity and climbing "Everest" in her backyard for the Skipton Foodbank. As an ambassador for Seaful Charity and Patron of The National Women's Register, she's a beacon of hope, advocating that it's never too late for adventure or to make a difference.

Discover more about Jo's adventures and projects at, where she continues to share her belief in the power of embracing life's journeys, regardless of age.

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 "Keep your mouth shut. You don't need to comment on a woman's ability to do something. It's not a requirement."

 "I'm a bit afraid and I'm going to do it anyway, and I'm just going to see how it goes and test my limits and go out of my comfort zone."

 "Have I done enough? Have I contributed enough? Have I failed myself? Have I failed my family? You think of all these questions and so rather than just say, oh, it's all going to be fine, and dismissing any questions, it's like you want to explore them and say, I'm not the only one that wakes up and thinks, damn, I never became an astronaut."

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