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IT REALLY IS HAPPENING. I am Siobhan Daniels and it is just over a week since I retired from my job working for the BBC in both radio and television after nearly thirty years. It is so exciting to know that I am planning my next chapter in life without having to follow rota shifts or be restrained by rules and regulations. Having just hit the grand old age of sixty, I am getting rid of my flat and most of my belongings, and buying a motorhome to live in for the next year. I plan to travel through Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Meeting incredible people and learning about their way of lives. At the moment I have to admit it is a bit stressful getting everything sorted and getting the word out there to people that I a really doing this. I want to get as many people as possible to follow my adventures and interact with me, telling me about places to go and things to do. Once I am on the road around September time, I also hope to do video blogs (vlogging) to show you exactly what I am up to and hopefully find interesting things to make short films about to post to keep you entertained. Hitting sixty is a milestone but one I take on with relish. I want to show that there are still so many more exciting adventures to be had as a BBC pensioner. I will have to cut my cloth accordingly because my income will be substantially reduced. I will not get a state pension until sixty six thanks to government changes, but there is the result of a judicial review pending which could change that, fingers crossed. I hope it will make me think more about what I spend my money on and if I really need more 'STUFF' to clutter my life. I have just done an interview on BBC Radio Kent with John Warnett to talk about my plans to hit the road in September. It was a good reality check for me that I need to start my blog and record how I am doing this and my emotions along the way. Just talking with him on the radio made me even more committed to what I have planned and I can feel the excitement rising inside me. This is just my first posting as I try to work out how to set up the blog, I will fine tune it along the way. Part of this journey is getting to grips with technology more, editing and posting films and interviews. I am sure I will make mistakes and need help but hopefully my followers will guide in the right direction. WATCH THIS SPACE THERE ARE PLENTY MORE POSTS TO FOLLOW.


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