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Writing Wrongs: How Helen Garlick Owned Her Story and Encouraged Others to Do the Same

Today I want to share with you an overview of three key subjects we discussed during the introduction of our fantastic conversation with the ever-inspiring Helen Garlick.

Firstly, we touched on the profound significance of happiness and kindness in our lives, particularly as we age. I find such joy in wrapping up in a blanket, gazing at the stars, and contemplating the universe; it's a simple yet profound happiness that I cherish deeply. Helen and I discussed how cultivating these feelings is not just about personal contentment; it's crucial for positive ageing. It's a reminder that our attitude and approach to life can significantly impact how we experience our later years.

Secondly, we explored the importance of communication, connection, and a sense of community for personal empowerment. Helen eloquently highlighted how we create ripple effects through the ways we connect and communicate with others around us. It's through these bonds, whether they're with our peers or with younger generations – that we find strength and purpose. While acknowledging the utility of social media in fostering these connections, particularly for the older generation, Helen and I agreed wholeheartedly that there's nothing quite like real-life interactions for creating lasting and meaningful relationships.

The third key subject we dove into was the delightful rebelliousness of liberal self-expression, like sober dancing. I shared my own trepidations about attending a party without the social crutch of alcohol, but how liberating and enjoyable the experience ultimately was. Helen recounted her own moments of sober revelry, painting a vivid picture of dancing freely, fully present in the moment—a stark contrast to the expectations one might have of typical 'retirement' behaviours.

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Key Points:

06:08 Travel, tragedy, disbelief, and freedom on horizon.

08:21 Man struggles, finds love, overcomes personal demons.

13:04 Connecting with women, ageing, and self-discovery.

14:19 Rejecting old standards, redefining beauty, embracing freedom.

18:23 Found identity after transformative nomadic journey.

22:59 Rock bottom after cancer surgery, refusing morphine.

26:34 Memoir encourages finding alternative life paths, inspiring generations.

27:48 Learning from others, living life truthfully. Inspire.

33:33 Enjoying dance without alcohol feels rebellious.

36:07 Reflect on open communication, find purpose in life.

Guest Info

Helen Garlick is a renowned speaker, trainer, author, and ambassador with over thirty years of experience in training lawyers, family practitioners, and individuals in various communication and conflict resolution skills. She specialises in collaborative law, negotiation skills, mediation, and wellbeing. Helen believes in the power of joyful learning and connection for effective personal development. She recently authored her debut memoir, "No Place to Lie," which has received excellent reviews. Additionally, she conducts writing retreats like "The Power of Owning Your Story," focusing on storytelling and self-reflection. Helen emphasises the importance of communication, heartfelt connection, and healing in her work. Through her writing, speaking engagements, and training courses, she aims to promote courage-building and vulnerability as pathways to reconnecting with oneself and others. Helen's dedication to storytelling and fostering genuine human connections shines through her work.

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The Power of Conversation: “One of the best, most, best things in the world is to have a deep, heartfelt conversation with somebody. It's one of my favourite things.”

Navigating Personal Crises: “I also knew that I had to save myself actually and my children, by ending the marriage.”

Personal Resilience in Recovery: "Well, I think, you know, there's a there's a point where when you hit rock bottom, and I think, actually, my rock bottom was was after I'd had the surgery with the breast cancer.

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