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Siobhan (63) retired from the BBC three years ago, after a 30 year career working as a Reporter, Presenter and Producer in local News. During that time she overcame many challenges including working full time as a single mother. At nearly fifty, when her daughter had gone off to university, Siobhan took a gap year from work and backpacked solo around the world. This remarkable trip changed her forever, and she began to develop her plan to one day travel the UK, the idea of the motorhome came later!  By her mid-fifties she felt burnt out, whilst battling with menopause symptoms, she was also facing ageism and bullying at work. Siobhan knew she needed to find her escape plan.

In 2019, aged sixty, she took early retirement, sold her belongings, bought a motorhome and embarked on her solo trip around Great Britain!  She now passionately champions positive ageing, constantly calling out ageism and ageist stereotypes, and refuses to accept the narrow stereotypes of retired women.

Siobhan now uses her blog, Instagram, published articles and public speaking activities, to challenge and change the narrative around ageing, to inspire as many women as possible, to step out of their comfort zone and follow their retirement dreams. Since Siobhan embarked on this journey she has had to face her fears, weather severe storms and of course the pandemic challenges but she cannot emphasise enough how fantastic this experience makes her feel. Fully alive! In control! At one with nature! And totally inspired to get her message out there, to young and old EMBRACE AGEING!

My values


It is important to know your own worth and to speak your truth


Seek to be brave in all you do, in what life throws - know you are brave within and can conquer the challenging stuff


Always be kind, even though it is often mistaken as a weakness.  I believe it is a true strength


I love people joining together to age positively and challenge ageist stereotypes

My values

I hope my experiences inspire people, young and old, to embrace ageing and not to fear retirement. I want to inspire older women who may want to be adventurous but are too scared to say Yes to that challenge. I also want to inspire younger women that ageing and retirement is not something to fear but to embrace. Ageing is a privilege. So I’m grateful for the chance to age disgracefully at a time when we are ageing differently. I am proud to be part of the retirement rebellion! 

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