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Learning To Live A Brighter & Better Life with Suzi Grant

Hello, listeners, it’s Siobhan Daniels here, your host of the Retirement Rebel podcast. I hope you're all ready to dive into another episode where we challenge the typical conventions of ageing and retirement. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a truly inspiring guest, Suzi Grant, who embodies everything the Retirement Rebel stands for. 

In our conversation, Suzi and I explore three key subjects that resonate with so many of us who are navigating this wonderfully rebellious phase of our lives.

The first topic we unwrap is the impact of health on our independence, particularly as it pertains to driving. Suzi bravely discusses her struggle with eye conditions and how they have influenced her ability to drive. It's a poignant example of the curveballs life throws at us, and how we handle them can define our older years. It's an important conversation because it touches on the heart of what many of us fear—losing our autonomy. But, as you'll hear, Suzi is all about finding alternative solutions and maintaining her zest for life regardless.

Secondly, we recount our adventures in solo travel later in life. There's something truly liberating about heading off into the unknown on your own, and both Suzi and I have tales to tell on that front. We also get real about the fears and safety concerns that come with travelling solo, something I know a lot of you can relate to. But we also stress the importance of not letting those concerns diminish our desire to experience life fully. Suzi’s spirit and advice are truly inspirational for any woman considering a solo trip, no matter what age.

Lastly, we delve into the importance of pursuing your passions and ignoring negative influences, especially as they pertain to age. Suzi, who became a trained nutritionist around her 50th birthday, exemplifies this wonderfully. We both agree – age should not be a barrier to living life passionately. It's why Suzi's dislike for labels such as 'middle-aged' or 'old' resonates with me so much, and I think it will with you too. It's about being seen and not overlooked, challenging those stereotypes, and inspiring others to do the same.

Throughout this episode, Suzi offers her wisdom on how living by the sea in Brighton helped manifest her vibrancy, how we can embrace our quirkiness, and why it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves.

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Key Points:

00:00 Got tougher with thick skin, no one messin'.

04:21 Hung out in bars, then got into advertising.

06:18 Neighbour's 92, had cool teaching career. Smart lady!

10:49 Started at Capital Radio, then moved to TV.

14:54 Mum's passing made me rethink everything, you know?

16:45 Living life to the fullest after hitting 60!

19:22 Brighton totally changed her life, you know.

21:56 Siobhan encourages doing things yourself, not relying on others.

27:51 Partying at Portsmouth festival, no more camping.

30:28 Discover your passion, ignore the haters, be happy!

34:00 Love the podcasts, but fed up with menopause chat.

39:07 Awesome woman in her 70s living life!

Guest Info

Suzi Grant is a former television and radio reporter/presenter turned nutritionist and author, who has become a prominent voice in the positive ageing movement. After retiring at age 60, she started the blog "Alternative Ageing" at 65 to spread her message of growing older with style, health, and confidence. Suzi's platform, which includes a blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts, focuses on fashion, travel, lifestyle, and healthy ageing. She has written several health books, including "Alternative Ageing: The Natural Way To Hold Back The Years," and has been featured in media outlets like BBC Radio and the New York Times. Suzi inspires women to embrace ageing and live vibrantly, without feeling invisible or irrelevant.

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The Enduring Power of Friendship: "Well, I was shared a dormitory. There were only four of us because we were quite grown up and they are still very close friends. I mean, one of them is on my YouTube all the time and the other one lives in Bali, but we're still really good friends all these years later, growing old disgracefully together."

Embracing Life Changes: "But when I came back very soon after that, I was writing. I think I'd done one book and I had another book deal with Penguin and I just sat and thought, why am I staying in London when I love the seaside and love living by the sea? Why on earth am I living here still wearing black, navy blue or beige every single day? And I moved to Brighton and that's when my whole life changed, because I wasn't on camera, so I could wear exactly what I like. I mean, I was always colourful."

Finding Happiness in Simple Things: "please find your passion, lose your fear, don't listen to the negative minis or so, but what we call the negative and do what is going to make you happy."

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